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How can you collect data from the web?

Companies also have their own needs: Company A might be a web-based book shop, Company B can be a website directory, and Company C might be anything. However, all of them more often than not have to collect and save various information from the web in their day to day activities. Most firms today make use of the traditional ‘copy and paste’ approach to capture and save content from targeted internet sites. Consequently, employees spend numerous hrs copying, pasting, and re-formatting text, images, along with other data from a large number of webpages- which can lead to numerous errors and wasting quite a lot of money and time.

This does not need is the situation. Some companies have recognized the necessity to solve this issue and provide a competent and trouble-free alternative. One particular clients are Ficstar Software, a Toronto-based provider of web-data mining and extraction solutions.

Ficstar Web Grabber can extract data from virtually every site – including e-Commerce sites, member list directories, search engines like google, yet others. This effective solution was used to effectively collect content from sites for example Yahoo, Google, Amazon . com, and Monster.

For who owns the internet book shop, there’s Ficstar Web Grabber E-commerce. It enables people to easily capture complete, up-to-date product details everywhere on the web, while growing efficiency and stopping errors through the elimination of the necessity to by hand find and duplicate online product information, for example product names, groups, prices, descriptions, inventory levels, images, etc.

For who owns your directory website, there’s Ficstar Web Grabber Contacts. This can be a effective, intuitive tool that allows people to rapidly and simply collect is a result of internet business directories, member listings, along with other webpages that contains contact information. It enables companies to recognize people of the audience, collect their contact details, locate various professionals, or easily build internet business directories.

But for the proprietors of companies who consider their data mining and extraction must be unique, there’s the Custom-Designed Web Grabber. This solution is dependant on Ficstar’s knowning that different websites are programmed in numerous languages and built upon different internet technologies. Therefore, the organization customizes its Web Grabber solution for every customer by modifying the program to satisfy the particular needs of the target internet sites, thus supplying customers using the exact solution they require.

The E-commerce, Contacts, and also the customized solution are only a couple of of the several software programs which Ficstar provides to the customers. Besides web data extraction, the organization also provides support, maintenance increase, in addition to talking to and training services. Its entire service and product range concentrates in the modern business, fed up with wasting valuable sources willing and able to embrace new possibilities.