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Choosing a corset online is very easy. You can do it for sure! Do not be afraid! The rules are really simple!
We know what you ask most often – we get hundreds of emails. We answer all frequently asked questions / issues below: at the beginning we will explain broadly
What is the difference in the operation of a real corset – and such a “corset” that we buy as corrective underwear in lingerie stores?

A real corset and squeezing underwear – differences and fears. We know your experiences – we also tried it ourselves.
A real corset always – disciplines your belly significantly and smoothes the sides so that there are no folds along its entire length and width, especially in a sitting position. Thanks to the lacing and steel underwires, the torso body will be smoothed and straightened under the corset. Steel underwires in a corset do not have the right to bend or roll, as is the case with commonly available compression underwear such as a corset, belt, waistcoat, high pants. Every day we read from you a story about the unpleasant experiences with corrective underwear. How many ladies at least once in their life bought such underwear with acrylic underwires, which while sitting bent, rolled forming tumors on the ribs, rollers, creating a creping situation. A real corset whose construction is based on steel underwires, and the back is laced along the entire length is nowhere to stand out from the body, twist, roll up, roll or slide. even in dancing or jumping. As proof, in the Customer Gallery you can see that Marcelina Zawadzka danced in Dance with the stars in our corsets and she knew that she had no right to become a thread. Remember that in our store there is a guarantee of satisfaction or a refund – we encourage you to get to know real corsets – at least once in your life it is good to measure such a corset in person and feel how the appearance of the figure changes. waist trainer

What types of corsets do you offer? What is the difference between individual models?
Simplified division of corsets:

1. Corsets for bust, or “Overbust” can be worn on and under clothing,

however, it can’t be masked under all types of clothing. It’s a strong, quite thick construction, you probably won’t hide a bust corset under a tight T-shirt or a thin dress. A corset for bust can be put on clothes, just use your imagination, e.g. it looks nice, e.g. on a shirt, dress. Today, corsets can be worn on so-called loose with shorts, jeans,

The construction is based on steel spiral underwires (4 flat underwires stiffen the spine, the remaining underwires under the corset are steel spiral underwires). This design is adapted to frequent long-term and even regular wearing. Reducing, Conditioning, Slimming corsets are often written about them

2. Underbust corsets – or “Underbust” – you can wear them on and under clothing.

The construction is based on steel spiral underwires (4 flat underwires stiffen the spine, the remaining underwires under the corset are steel spiral underwires). Corsets with such a construction are adapted to frequent, long-lasting and even regular wearing. Reducing, Conditioning, Slimming corsets are often written about them.

Which construction should you choose?
waist trainers

Every real slimming corset should have a structure based on steel underwires. Here are 2 photographs of both types of underwire so that you can better imagine the construction of the corset inside.

You buy a corset for waist training (you want to wear the corset often, regularly to correct your figure, discipline your abdomen) and you have never had a real corset before, you should definitely put the corset under the bust to start with. Spiral underwires bend in the desired direction – they provide greater comfort during prolonged wearing. Bust corsets from our offer usually have only 4 flat underwires around the spine – a flat underwire, as we can see in the photo attached above, is such a flat rod. Thanks to this construction, immediately after putting on the corset, every body takes on a healthy upright posture, we carry the head higher, move more dignified. An upright posture and a raised head extremely add confidence. This is also a huge advantage of the corset that you may not even realize before buying. We sit in a corset in a healthy, upright position. Each corset, both “under” and “on” the bust, guarantees a large variety for everyone. The remaining underwires in a corset designed for waist training should be spiral (from 10 to 20 underwires). The corset will serve you unchanged for a long time. It will not stretch, distort or lose shape. Below is important information for people who are small and need a corset size from 18 to 22 inches.

Slim / small people do not need to wear a corset that has as many as 20 spiral underwires – slim people have a small amount of skin and a small amount of body – this construction may be too heavy and too rigid. For small sizes, i.e. 18-22 inches, it is enough to definitely choose 10-14 spiral whalebones (plus 4 flat ones at the spine). In corsets that have up to 20 spiral underwires, they are sewn in pairs in cotton tunnels around the entire circumference of the corset, a pair of underwires is sewn in literally every 1-3 centimeters. In the case of very small sizes, when there is so much underwire and are so densely sewn in, you can feel the very large stiffening of the corset – the corset becomes hard and heavy. . With a small amount of body, there is no need for the corset to make such a high pressure and be so stiff, there is not much to tame and support. Such a densely stiffened corset loses plasticity – too much sewn steel can bend even less to emphasize the waist nicely. We know from experience that often slim ladies choose corsets with 20 underwires for waist training, they count on an increased effect thanks to such an advanced and dense design – in the case of small sizes, i.e. from 18 to 22 inches, and even 24 inches, the effect can be completely opposite and cause slight discomfort. For larger sizes it hangs the amount of underwires can be the most right.