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Night or day cleaning of commercial real estate?

The order according to Holbach – the French philosopher of the age of enlightenment – is one of the infinitely many, statistically – an incredible version of chaos. The trick, therefore, is to make this version of chaos usable. This is where cleaning services are helpful.

What is the best time to clean up the office buildings? When is the night service better to work and when is the day service going? Does the presence of a cleaning crew affect the quality of the company’s employees’ duties? When should you consider changing the cleaning team’s work mode? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.
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Cleaning services – does time matter?

As an office worker, I attach great importance to the order that prevails in him. Due to the nature of the work – frequent personal contact with clients in the office, phone calls, internal consultations – I definitely prefer the afternoon cleaning team’s work mode. Why? Well, the rooms dedicated to meetings are usually occupied, employees work at their positions and there is no space for the cleaning team. Despite their most sincere intentions, they would not be able to perform their duties without reorganizing the work of project teams. To confirm the above thesis, I would like to roll over the results of a study on the perception of cleaning staff by office workers conducted by SCA.

Analysis of the results shows the following trends:

35.6% of employees feel uncomfortable when cleaning their desk space during the working day, and 37.2% also feel uncomfortable when vacuuming.

Interestingly, forms of order that do not generate noise are fully acceptable for office workers during the working day. We are talking here about:

  1. cleaning toilets
  2. filling the gaps in the form of towels, toilet paper, etc.

Looking at market trends – we are moving away from night services. Returning to the SCA and Tork survey, only 5.4% of respondents had the cleaning service in the office at night. The vast majority opted for the afternoon (32.7%) and the morning hours (27.8%). Such a solution implies changes in the form of selecting the right cleaning team employees. Knowing the nature and spectrum of the operated company, the cleaning crew sent should be equipped with certain features and skills. For example: direct contact with office employees requires interpersonal skills to initiate and maintain a positive relationship. Our biological rhythm of the day is also important. Evolution has adapted us to act during the day. It is therefore natural that we achieve the greatest efficiency at this time. This applies to many professions – also in the cleaning industry.

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The survey results show that for almost 50% of respondents entering into closer relationships with a cleaning team employee is not a problem. Respondents marked the corridor (69.2%), kitchen (62.9%) or reception (64.2%) as a place for comfortable meetings. Interestingly, the respondents noticed the dressing method of the cleaning company and they feel more comfortable when the employee is dressed in a special uniform. The same language in which the employee speaks and the way of communication is also important, namely the polite form of greeting in the workplace.
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So what do you decide on?

The above-mentioned nature of the office’s work determines the choice of the mode of operation when cleaning the office building. Considering the internal and external processes taking place in the organization, one should thoroughly consider the consequences of employing the sales team at night and during the day. As the study shows, employees willingly interact with the cleaning service, which eliminates the barrier of mutual distrust and hostility. This speaks in favor of employing a cleaning team during working hours (when the quality of their work is best) or in the afternoon (when employees have already left the offices).