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Sports bra: how to choose, how much to choose, what to choose?

A sports bra is an essential part of a sports outfit. Whether you have smaller or heavier breasts, a good sports bra should be one of your first purchases regardless of whether you train regularly or only occasionally. We advise how to choose the right one.

How to choose a sports bra?

We choose the sports bra primarily in terms of size, like the standard bra and in terms of the discipline that we grow. Strong supportive sports bra will work especially for intense activities such as running or Zumba. It is worth paying attention to, for example, Shock Absorber, whose task is to keep the breast in place even during very intense exercises. Such large support and stiffening does not require such discipline as yoga or pilates, but even when exercising with less intensity, it is worth getting a sports bra. It guarantees much more comfort, convenience and safety than a classic bra

How much does a sports bra cost?

Sports bras are available at very different prices, because we can find them both in netboards and in the range of brands specializing in this type of underwear. Models from power chains usually have a much more limited size and do not provide such good breast support during exercise (they are not suitable for very intense activities), but often cost between 60-100 zlotys. The price increases primarily when the bra provides better support for the bust. Often also models in unusual sizes are more expensive. In the collections of well-known sports and lingerie brands, the prices of sports bras range between PLN 200-400, but opinions on them are often much better, especially among women who have large breasts or very intensely exercising.

Sports bra which to choose?

The Nike, Reebok or Adidas sports bra is the most popular, but it is not always worth considering only the brand. Of course, these companies offer a large selection of very good models, including a push up sports bra, running or stiff cups. However, their frequent disadvantage is a fairly small selection of sizes, especially for large breasts. A sports bra for large breasts can be found in the collection of brands such as Panache and Freya. We can also find a wide range of sports bras in the 4F, Puma and Decathlon stores. Among the brands that specialize in lingerie, you can also find sports models; it’s worth mentioning Triumph, Gata, Dalia or Anita.

How to choose the size of a sports bra?

While the sports bra for a small bust is relatively easy to choose, because most brands have them in their offer, the challenge may be finding a model for women with more abundant shapes. Fortunately, there are also companies that specialize in sports bra for large breasts. Most often the size of a sports bra will be close to or slightly smaller than the one we wear every day. What else is worth remembering when buying?

Stiffened bra or underwired sports bra will work better on heavier breasts;
a sports bra with push up or with inserts will raise and enlarge the breast, but will not affect the quality and comfort of exercise;
a sports bra fastened at the front is a practical solution, but it is usually available in smaller sizes;
being a young mother, you do not have to give up exercises – you can find a sports bra for sale.

Sports bra: how to choose the size? How to try on?

When trying a sports bra, pay attention to:

the belt – it’s mainly the bust, it can not be too tight – you should be able to put your finger under it;
if you choose a sports bra with a bowl, it must fit the entire breast – if it wrinkles or sticks out from the breast, it means it is too small;
the straps should not be stuck in the arms;
after putting on a bra, it’s worth a little practice in it – skip, bend and check if the bust is properly secured and stays in place.

How do you choose a sports bra at a good price?

A cheap good quality sports bra may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s always worth visiting an online store, such as Allegro, Zalando or ASOS, to get acquainted with the offer of various brands. It is also good to have outlets of brands such as Nike, Adidas, Panache or Triumph, where you can buy sports bras at very bargain prices. More and more often, sports collections also introduce discount stores, eg Lidl.