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Train in a group or individually?

Training makes perfect – that’s known. However, how to practice to get our desired goal quickly? This question is often asked in fitness clubs. Group classes strongly motivate to action, the instructor and other participants set the pace for us. In individual gym training, we can focus more on our needs, e.g. strengthening the upper back, modeling the buttocks. In each solution there are some pros and cons – the point of view depends on the point … exercise 😉 waist trainer UK

Fear of the gym

First of all, the gym should not be afraid! It is not just for lifting weights. It is usually divided into several zones: cardio, functional and strength. So you have space to do various types of training. You choose whether you want to improve your fitness and overcome longer distances, or rather strengthen your arms or make your body more flexible and stabilized.

The cardio zone includes treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, bicycles, rowers, etc., where you will burn unnecessary calories. The strength zone is primarily machines forcing specific muscle groups and free weights: dumbbells, barbells … The functional area is equipped with various elastic bands, balls, bosses, berets … – this equipment is derived from physiotherapy, it is used to improve the body, mobilize and improve stability. Here your creativity can ease, if you like to experiment with strengthening and stretching exercises.

If you are not a regular visitor and do not know what you can do here, do not worry. In the gym you will find a trainer. Is a person who, with a watchful, discreet eye, sees what you are doing and whether you are doing the exercises correctly. The trainer can introduce you to this world. Ask in your fitness club if you can use the individual advice of an instructor to guide you and write the exercises.

Fear of fitness classes

Group training is a good motivational method. If you want to spend an hour on the move and have ready, arranged exercises, fitness will be a sensational solution. Here, we train a whole group of people, a qualified instructor, while issuing instructions, also cares about the correct technique of movements. Positive energy is generated between people, which is an incentive to act and give 100% power.
If you think that your fitness does not allow you to train groups … think again 😀 Graphic in the fitness club is divided into different types of classes. You will find there classic strengthening exercises, e.g. TBC for the whole body, calm and health-promoting as well as more intensive ones, e.g. Tabata, HIIT. Something good for everyone. Only medical contraindications exclude you from group workouts. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do it 🙂

Different stimuli – faster effect, shapewear UK

If you want to achieve your goal quickly, the best solution will be to combine different types of workouts. They can be, for example, two strengthening trainings and one interval workout per week, and as part of regeneration, allocate a separate day for stretching and bathing in the sauna.

If you care about losing unnecessary kilograms, remember that health-oriented classes (e.g. Pilates) are not enough. Before these classes, jump into the cardio zone and spend about 15-30 minutes there. You can also alternate your fitness classes with gym workouts.
Your body needs different stimuli so that the workouts bring the expected results. If you attend many types of classes and intend to combine it with the gym, you will definitely avoid routine and will not lose motivation.

Remember that the worst thing that can happen to you is overtraining. Don’t take on too much. Your body needs rest and heal after intensive training. During exercise, micro-injuries appear in muscle fibers, often called “sourdough”. Only with the right amount of rest and a well-balanced diet, muscle pain disappears. You gain more strength.
If you want to achieve results, plan on which days you will exercise regularly and which will be non-training. This right attitude guarantees success.
Are you motivated Go ahead and plan your training for this week! There is nothing to wait for 🙂