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When the car is NOT unlocked – emergency opening.

Keys jammed in your car? Sounds like a silly joke, but you’re probably not laughing at the moment. It is time to take some steps, but you are not quite sure what to do. There is a way? Proven and effective. Find out how to get into a locked car at low cost. Keyless, fully legal and safe.

A poor gift from fate? a locked car

Cars differ in many respects. They are starting from the brand or equipment version to the engine and the best purpose. However, all vehicles are secured in some way. For years, solutions such as auto alarms, immobilisers, central locking systems or other, even more modern, advanced technologies have been a standard.

It is highly likely that your car also has automated security features that can play tricks on you.

If you get out of the car, but without the keys, they will stay inside. And you’re outside before your vehicle is slammed.

First of all: make a habit of taking your keys with you every time you get out of the car. Even when unpacking shopping or cleaning the upholstery. In town and at home. On your days off and at work. Always. Just remember that with a slammed car comes a certain amount of hassle—an important one. You can’t open it just like that. If the vehicle is relatively new, classic cooking methods through a crack in the door will certainly not work. It would help if you had professionals here. And the power of calm.

But not abruptly

What do many drivers do when confronted with a jammed car? They roll up their sleeves because they want to quickly solve the problem by breaking the window and getting inside in this ruthless way. Mistake, mistake, a mistake.

The basic point is that it is too big a risk. You can get hurt, injured. You can destroy paintwork, upholstery. And besides? It is an expensive move. Are you replacing a windscreen? Even with a second-hand replacement is a high cost. There is a cheaper and better solution. Have you already guessed what?

Locksmith service at your disposal 24/7

The right person to open your car is a professional locksmith. But where to find a locksmith? Locksmith on the streets of Warsaw or its surroundings, especially outside standard working hours? It is enough to visit and order a 24-hour emergency locksmith service. One of the essential benefits is just opening vehicles without keys. Discover seven arguments in favour of this solution.

  Locksmith Kensington operates completely legally ? based on a police licence.

    Each locksmith employed has a lot of experience and shows professionalism, discretion, and a creative approach to solving locks’ problems.

    Emergency opening of locks is possible for every car model.

    The price of the service is not high. Contrary to appearances, it is more profitable than breaking a window.

    Pogotowie Zamkowe operates in Warsaw and its surroundings 24/7.

    Through “” you can also order the emergency opening of flats and safes, comprehensive lock service (replacement, sales, repair, installation, maintenance), installing master key systems, and installing additional security your home or office, as well as post-burglary repair.